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Francisca Ndoa Ayompe Ndoh

Funeral Live Streaming

Please click on the relevant players below

from 11.20am (GMT) and then 16.30pm (GMT)

to join each stream.

(click the 'full screen' button for a better experience).

The live streams of the funeral of


Francisca Ndoa Ayompe Ndoh

from St John the Evangelist Church

Angel, Islington At 11.30 (GMT)

on Friday 23rd February 2024

With a reception at The Ark Royal Venue,

Lower Edmonton,

from 16.30pm (GMT)

on Friday 23rd February 2024.



Funeral Service Live Stream

Graveside Service Live Stream

Reception Live Stream

Photo Gallery
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Sitting on her mother's (Grandma Lydia's) lap, surrounded by the family and love she shared throughout her life.

💃🏾💃🏾 Mum dancing to her favourite song by Congolese singer-songwriter and dancer Fally Ipupa.

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