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Funeral Live Streaming

professional - affordable - discrete


We are proud to offer the best service coupled with the lowest prices

Call on
07973 501880  or email 

- With Every Funeral Live Stream You Receive -

Full HD Video

We use broadcast-quality Sony cinema cameras

Bespoke Webpage

We create a dedicated webpage in your loved one's name where we host the stream

Crystal-Clear Audio

We use wireless UHF and Digital microphones with backups

Recording to Download

After the service, we will offer you a recording of the video to download and keep

Starlink Internet

Our Starlink internet connection

provides a rock-solid live stream

Vision Mixer

Should you require multiple video angles we can vision mix 2-6 cameras as you require

Live Stream Pricing


from £355*


The simplest funeral live streaming setup enabling you to share this personal moment with the ones who mean the most.


This package includes: 


1 Camera Operator. 


1x Full HD broadcast quality camerwith super zoom lens for wide and tight shots.

Radio mics for crystal-clear audio.


Our high-speed bonded internet connection to ensure a rock-solid live stream. 


A personalised private webpage with an embedded video link for family and friends to share with each other upon booking.

See an example webpage by clicking this link


An unlimited number of viewers.


A recording of the ceremony kept on our servers in perpetuity.

Cost of live streaming a funeral
Cost of live streaming a funeral



If neither option 1 nor 2 meets your needs.   


This is a bespoke funeral live streaming package built from the ground up to suit you. We cater to all requirements..

Please either call Paul on 07973501880 or fill in the contact form below detailing any additional services you would like and we will work on a tailored package to suit your specific requirements.

Cost of live streaming a funeral


from £590


Ideal for those who require funeral live streaming from multiple locations, for example, funeral service venue and graveside.


This package includes: 

Everything in Option 1 plus additional camera angles and locations.. 

2x Full HD broadcast quality cameras for different angles - for example a close shot of the lectern and a wide shot of the venue. The operator will switch between these as appropriate. 

Cost of live streaming a funeral

A recent funeral - permission to show this on the website has kindly been given by the family

  • Can we keep a copy of the live stream?
    Yes, after the funeral service we will send a link to you to download the full video. This is yours to keep.
  • For how long will the live stream be online?
    Unlike other providers, the service will remain online in perpetuity days for friends & family to watch.
  • Do you have any example live streams?
    Please contact us for example funeral broadcasts. Due to the sensitive nature of Family Funerals we do not publish any live streams on our website. This is to respect the family.
  • What will Funeral Stream require at the venue?
    We carry all our own equipment and do not require use of any venue equipment. We may require the use of a standard power socket. We provide our own 5G/4G connection. We will also need approximately 1.5 metres square for the funeral streaming equipment and operator.
  • How much time is needed to setup before the service?
    We usually request access to the venue 90 Minutes before the service to allow plenty of time to setup the cameras and test everything before the congregation arrives.
  • What if there is poor mobile phone reception at the location?
    If there is no mobile signal at the venue then we can provide our Starlink Kit, this enables us to broadcast the service from anywhere on the continent from the top of mountains to the most remote locations. We will check for 5G/4G signal first by using the Ofcom mobile checker. However please let us know when booking if there is no mobile signal.
  • Will the live streaming impact on the service?
    We always dress smartly and respectfully when attending a funeral. We do all we can to minimise our presence at the service and to ensure the funeral live stream goes smoothly.
  • Will the funeral be recorded as well as live streamed?
    The funeral service is also recorded directly onto the camera’s SD card, ensuring that even in the unlikely event of a streaming interruption, the recording will be promptly accessible. You can rest assured knowing that no moment will be missed. Viewers have the flexibility to either watch the ceremony live or access the recording at a later date. The recorded video can be easily shared with friends and family on the same day, accommodating various time zones or other commitments that may hinder live viewing. Furthermore, many families find value in having the option to obtain a copy of the recording for their personal archives, thus creating a cherished and enduring memento of the service. For those seeking a tangible keepsake, DVD copies of the memorial service are available upon special request. This additional option ensures that families can hold onto a physical representation of their loved one's farewell, providing comfort and solace during their time of mourning.
Frequently asked questions about funeral live streaming

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Live Stream?


When distance, health or other circumstances prohibit some family and friends from attending a funeral, our UK-wide live streaming service can be of great comfort. It allows those who are unable to be there in person to have a virtual window into your loved-one's service in real-time, and from anywhere in the world.


Stress Free Service

During this very difficult time, our team is here to assist you in any way we can to make this experience as uncomplicated as possible. Our experts take care of all of the technical aspects of the service ensuring a stress-free experience.  


Bringing Family and Friends Together


Our aim is to connect families and friends no matter how far apart they may be. Our funeral live-streaming service is normally available anywhere in the UK allowing us to stream from any church, crematorium or graveside throughout the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.


We live stream as little or as much of the service as you require, and are discreet and professional at all times.

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